Truth is the pretend within a pretense

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The Most Kissed Face of All Time

L’Inconnue de la Seine is the name given to an unidentified woman pulled from the river Seine around the year 1880. The physician inspecting the corpse thought her face so beautiful that he ordered a plaster mold to be made. Aside from becoming an aesthetic object for artists and writers, in 1958 the death mask was used to create the Resusci Anne, the first CPR training dummy.  

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GTAV: War Correspondent

I started playing GTA Online in passive mode as a combat photographer. I should add that my character is wearing camo pants, a black jacket with “MEDIA” printed across the back, and a helmet. I try very hard to find and use the WEZL News van to drive to the hot spots to take pictures. It’s fun to see who “get it” and let me get up close while they fight. Most people seem to have fun with it, but there is always one guy who can’t stop trying to run me over.

cf. Street photography in GTAV (via)